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 GSM PSTN Alarm System >> PSTN+GSM Alarm System BS-615
Model No.:
PSTN+GSM Alarm System BS-615
GSM PSTN Alarm System
    Product Readme

1. Brief Introduction:

The Alarm System BS-615 with multi-functions. It integrated GSM Module and PSTN dialer, and almost all useful functions and features of the alarm systems in the worldwide markets. Also it with innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands.

The PSTN+GSM Alarm System BS-615 is a new security protection solution. It is special for home, house and office and other applications. It based on Wireless GSM Communication network and traditional telephone line, when the telephone line was cut or problem, it can alert you by Wireless GSM Communication network.
The PSTN + GSM Alarm System support international Ademco Contact ID protocol, very useful for the customer who worries about the PSTN line with problem.
The BS-615 integrated Voice recording function. The owner can record up to 12S voice for his address. When any sensor activated, it will alarm to the Monitoring center, also, it will call the pre-set phone numbers immediately.
The BS-615 equips with LCD display entire operation menu, all operations and settings are visual and intuitive!
What you need is a SIMCard which supports Call ID function.
2. Advantages:
1.   Easily to operate following the LCD and Keyboard;
2.   Supports international Ademco Contact ID Protocol;
3.   Support PSTN and Wireless GSM communication network;
4.   Easily to set up, all the set up are displayed by the LCD Menu;
5.   Supports armed or disarmed individual Zone;
6.   Supports display which sensor triggered;
7.   Supports Armed and Disarmed operation with sound alert;
8.   Panic Button (SOS), Fire Alarm button, Medical Alarm button are on the        keyboard;
9.   Watchdog zone, alarm delay time, and more useful functions are  programmable by user;
10.  Powerful, easy to use, economical and practical, high security.
3.  Functions & Features:
1).  Supports 7 wired zones, and 8 Wireless zones, each zone can accept multiple wireless sensors, the attribute of the zones can be programmable, e.g.: Armed delay time, alarm delay time, 24-Hour Zone, Enable or disable the siren when triggered, outer zone or inner zone.
2).  Supports watchdog zone, when the disable person or elderly has't moved in the preset time, or the staff in the warehouse has’t inspected it in the polling period, will alarm.
3).  Supports up to 12S Voice for record the user address;
4).  Supports 85 records in the internal memory, it can display armed and disarmed time by which operator, also will includes alarm time and zone number;
5).  Supports 1 drivable output, when the system triggered, will output 12V DC to drive the external Relay;
6).  Supports internal speaker and microphone;
7).  Supports learning code for wireless sensors;
8).  Supports Arm, Disarmed, Bypass, Stay, Medical, Fire, SOS mode;
9).  Supports 6 Timer automatically armed or disarmed;
10). Supports 2 monitoring center telephone numbers, 4 user alarm phone numbers, 1 user code;
11). Supports wireless sensors with low voltage will alert or alarm (Based on the wireless sensor function.);
12). Supports AC Power failure monitoring and alert;
13). Equipped with rechargeable battery, can last up to 8 hours;
14). More programmable functions and features are available.
Standard Package list of the GSM Alarm System
Mainframe                                          X1
Remote contol                                   X2
Wireless PIR Motion Sensor            X1
Wireless Door magnetic Sensor     X1
Wired Siren                                        X1
GSM Antenna                                     X1
AC/DC Adaptor                                 X1
User Manual                                        X1
Optional Accessories( Wireless or wired):
Combined Light and Siren    PIR Motion Sensor   Glass Break Sensor
Magnetic Window Sensor    Magnetic Steel Scrolling Door Sensor
Infrared Photoelectric Beam Fence   Wireless Strobe Siren
Our Other Wireless Sensors
Specifications of Mainframe of the GSM Alarm System:
Rated Voltage:                        12VDC 1.5A
Working temperature:             -10℃~+60℃
Storage temperature:              -20℃~+60℃
Relative humidity:                    10-90%, No condensation
Work frequency:                       900/1800Mhz, or 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GSM Module:                           SIMCOM300 (Dual-Band), SIMCOM340(Quad-Band)
Communication protocol:        GSM PHASE 2/2+ (include data service)
Wireless sensor receiving frequency:     433.92MHz
Timer quantity:                            6
Wireless zone quantity:              8
Wired Zone quantity:                  7
Drivable outputs quantity:           1
Wireless sensor quantity:           72Pcs (Each zone can accept 9pcs)
Remote control quantity:             9Pcs
Wireless effective distance:       100m (in open area)
Backup Battery:                           Ni-MH rechargeable battery, 650Amp.Hr..  Standby time:                              Approx.8Hrs (depending on the network condition)
Net Weight:                                  1.95Kg
Size:                                             19mm X 138mm X 35mm
Reference Standards:
UL1023:2004: Safety Household Burglar-Alarm System Units
UL 985 :2004: Household Fire Warning System Units.
UL1635: Digital Alarm Communicator System Units.
EN 55022:1998: Emission Standard for information Technology Equipment.
EN 50024:1998: Immunity Standard for Information Technology Equipment.
EN 50130-4:1996:Immunity Standard for Fire, Intruder and Social Alarm Systems.
EN 60950:2000: Safety of information technology equipment.
EN 50131-1: 2004: Intrusion Systems General Requirements-Security Grade 2, Environment Class II.
PD 6662:2004: Scheme for the application of European Standards for intruder alarm systems.
DD 243:2004:Installation and configuration of intruder alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarm conditions-code of practice.
EN 300220: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility and Radio Spectrum Matters (ERM); Short Range Devices (SRD); Radio equipment to be used in the 25 MHz to 1 000 MHz frequency range with power levels ranging up to 500 Mw.
ETS 300683: Radio equipment and systems (RES) – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standard for Short Range Devices (SRD) operating on frequencies between 9 kHz and 25 GHz.
EN 50136-2-1: Alarm systems. Alarm transmission systems and equipment. General requirements for alarm transmission equipment.
TBR 21:  European Telecommunications Standards Institute.
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