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About Our Company Account
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Respected Customers,

About payment of our company, please notice that. 

Payment: T/T or Western Union, as to the samples, please help to pay all the bank fees in your side. 

For Sample, if the amount less than 5000.00USD, we prefer to use Western Union or personal bank account to pay it.


1) The Western Union information:

If pay it through Western Union, it can arrive us some minutes after you remit it. Also cost less than T/T. If you use this Payment, please note the First Name should be Guoyan, and the Last Name should be Gui . And inform us the MTCN and the Sender’s First Name and Last Name. Location is China.


2) The Company bank information:

If you use your Company Bank account to transfer the payment, please help to transfer to our Company Bank account, and inform us the transfer copy detail. The details as below:

Boltsec Hi-Tech Co Limited Company Bank Information Details

Account Name:  Boltsec Hi-Tech Co Limited

Account No.:  015-526957-838
Bene's Bank:  HSBC Hong Kong No.1 Queen’s Road Central
Bank Address: No.1 Queen’s Road Central Central Hong Kong
Bank Code: 004(Optional)

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